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Dallas CNA Salary Statistics

Dallas stands out as having the strongest and most dynamic healthcare economy in Texas, which employs a considerable number of Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs). A closer look at CNA salaries in Dallas offers a glimpse into the rewards and challenges faced by these essential healthcare workers.

This analysis will explore the financial landscape for CNAs in Dallas by comparing their salaries to state and national averages, examining the impact of the city’s cost of living on their earnings, and projecting future trends in the industry.

Whether you are a CNA working in Dallas, considering a move to the area, or contemplating a career in this field, this overview aims to shed light on the economic factors that will influence your professional journey. Here are the latest numbers from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics published in May of 2024.

Metro AreaCNAs EmployedAvg. Hourly WageAvg. Annual Salary
United States1,351,760$19.04$39,610
Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX23,570$18.17$37,790

CNA Salary in Dallas

Certified Nursing Assistants in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX metro area enjoy an average hourly wage of $18.17, which translates into an annual salary of about $37,790. This salary is specific to CNAs working in the Dallas metro area, which encompasses a significant urban and suburban population with a diverse range of healthcare facilities. The average annual salary for a CNA in Dallas has jumped from 2022’s reported number of $34,000 per year.

Dallas and Texas CNA Salaries

CNAs in Dallas earn a higher hourly wage than the Texas state average, which is $17.01 per hour or $35,370 annually. This suggests that Dallas, as a major metropolitan area, may have a higher demand for CNAs or possibly a higher cost of living, which is reflected in the wages.

National Context

When compared to the national average, the hourly wage of CNAs in Dallas is slightly lower. Across the United States, CNAs earn an average of $19.04 per hour, culminating in an annual salary of $39,610. This indicates that CNAs in Dallas are slightly behind their national counterparts in terms of average wages.

The Role of Healthcare Demand in Dallas

  • Healthcare Industry: Dallas has a substantial healthcare industry with numerous hospitals, specialized care centers, and nursing facilities, which could account for the higher wages for CNAs in the area compared to the rest of Texas.
  • Population Factors: The Dallas metro area’s large and growing population increases the demand for healthcare services, which in turn can impact the demand for CNAs and potentially increase their salaries.

Cost of Living in Dallas

  • Salary versus Expenses: Although CNAs in Dallas earn more than the Texas average, it’s important to consider the cost of living in the metro area. Housing, transportation, and other living expenses may be higher in Dallas compared to other regions in Texas, which can affect the overall quality of life for CNAs.
  • Comparative Analysis: By comparing the cost of essential expenses in Dallas to the average CNA salary, one can better understand the purchasing power and economic situation for healthcare workers in the city.

Future Outlook for CNAs in Dallas

The healthcare sector in Dallas is poised for growth, with projections indicating an increasing need for CNAs due to an aging population and the expansion of healthcare services. This demand could potentially lead to higher wages and better employment opportunities for CNAs in the region.

As the city continues to invest in medical research and technology, the scope of practice and the complexity of care provided by CNAs may evolve, potentially leading to further specialization and additional wage increases. For those looking to enter the field, this presents an opportune moment, suggesting a promising career trajectory and financial stability.

Additionally, CNAs in Dallas who pursue further education and certifications can expect to see an even greater increase in their earning potential, as the market becomes more competitive and the value of skilled healthcare professionals rises.

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